Please note, Day One and 1 week deferred cover is still temporarily unavailable, along with Day One Accident Protection.  These temporary measures also apply to any amendments to existing contracts.

Income Assured Enhanced

Income Assured Enhanced - Product Overview

Income Assured Enhanced is our new income protection contract.  A Holloway Style contract that allows Members to share in the Society's success as well as providing affordable cover for those in more manual occupations.  With no premium loadings for occupation, smokers or hazardous pursuits Income Assured Enhanced allows you to take your client further.

Peace of mind for you....

...peace of mind for your clients

  • Affordable premiums with no loadings for:
    • Occupation;
    • Smoking; or
    • Hazardous pursuits
  • Own Occupation with level benefit throughout
  • Flexible benefits and features
  • Wide range of deferred periods including Day One
  • Index-linking, Terminal Illness, Proportionate and Rehabilitation Benefits included as standard
  • Backed by our impressive claims record which is published in detail annually;
  • 60% of earnings covered – up to £40,950 per annum
  • Guaranteed premiums
  • Career Break Option
  • Houseperson Cover available
  • Multiple award winning service

Plus Day One Accident Cover Option

On contracts with a deferred period of 1 week or longer and for an additional premium your client can protect themselves against a loss of earnings resulting from an injury from Day One, even though benefit payments for illness would start from their chosen deferred period.

Mutual Means Members First

As a mutual organisation we exist for the benefit of our Members. We publish our Claims Statistics annually and in detail so that you and your clients can judge our performance on the facts. 

View our latest Claim Statistics here.

Find out more about Cirencester Friendly here.

What is included in Income Assured Enhanced?

Income Assured Enhanced was designed with a range of benefits that are automatically included within the premium.  The table below gives you a quick overview of what's included in the contract.


Type of contract

Income Assured Enhanced is a Holloway Style income protction contract.  It provides a regular benefit if your client is unable to work and loses their income as a result of illness or injury.  It also gives the option to accumulate a capital sum alongside the protection contract. 

Who can advise on the Product?

In order to advise on Income Assured Enhanced you must be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for investment business (CF30). 

Incapacity definition

Own Occupation

To qualify for benefit the client must, as a result of illness or injury, be totally unable to perform their own occupation and must not be doing any other type of work whatsoever.


A "Houseperson" definition of disability will mean that in order to claim benefit your client must be a bona fide Houseperson and totally unable to perform by themselves.

Amount of earnings covered
  • Minimum of £4,550 per year
  • Maximum £68,250 per year
Amount of benefit available
  • Up to 60% of gross earnings
  • Minimum of £2,730 per year
  • Maximum of £40,950 per year 
Age range at entry

Any age between 16 and 59.

Retirement Ages

Cover up to age 70

Deferred Periods

Day One or 1, 4, 8, 13, 26 or 52 weeks deferred.

Day One Accident Protection

On contracts with a deferred period of 1 week or longer and for an additional premium your client can protect themselves against a loss of earnings resulting from and injury from Day One, even though benefit payments for illness would start from their chosen deferred period.

Premium Type

Premium rates are not level and will increase each year as your client gets older in accordance with our pre-published rate table. Premium rates are guaranteed

Refund of Premium

Included as standard.


Included as standard with the option to deselect at application. Any changes in premium are calculated using the CPI index.

Terminal Illness Benefit

An amount equivalent to 6 months benefit will be paid as a lump sum, alongside regular benefit.

Rehabilitation Benefit / Proportionate Benefit

If following their claim a client is unable to return to work on a full-time basis or they cannot perform their old job anymore they may apply for Rehabilitation or Proportionate Benefit.  This will be paid at the sole discretion of the Society.


For full the full details of Income Assured Enhanced download the Adviser Guide and Schedule 5 - the Rules of the contract.


Doing more for our Members 

As a Friendly Society, we are owned by our Members – your clients. As such, we are always looking to add value for those Members. 

Member Rewards – Your clients will have access to a whole range of discounts/cash back and offers on popular brands and services such as: Apple, Fiat, Tesco and a free telephone legal advice service. Find out more

Friendly Voice – We know that serious illness can be a worrying time, so your client and their spouse can get long term practical advice and emotional support from their Personal Nurse. This is a completely free and confidential service. Find out more

125 Foundation – Commemorating our 125th anniversary in 2015, this foundation provides financial support to good causes, benefiting your clients and their communities. Find out more 

My Extra Benefits - Our latest range of enhancements that your clients can add to their income protection contracts. For £9 per month they can take out Fracture & Hospitalisation Benefit and Immediate Death Benefit as a package. Alternatively, Fracture & Hospitalisation Benefit costs £4 per month – and Immediate Death Benefit costs £5 per month. Find out more

Income Assured Enhanced - Documents

For a range of documents to help you inform your clients about Income Assured Enhanced, please visit our Sales Tools and Literature page 

Income Assured Enhanced - Commission Details

Can my client apply for Income Assured Enhanced?

Your client can apply for Income Assured Enhanced if....

They are atleast 16 years old but have not yet reached the age of 60
They live in the UK with no immediate intention to live or work permanently abroad
They are currently registered with a UK GP continuously for the last 3 years
They are currently working (if you client is not a bona fide houseperson).
They are employed or self-employed earning more than £4,550 per year or performing the functions of a bona fide houseperson1
Their earnings are taxable in the UK (or would if they were not a bona fide houseperson).

Their occupation is not one of the following listed below:

  • Armed Forces
  • Casual Worker
  • Foster Carer
  • Pilot
  • Professional Sportsperson
  • Seasonal Worker
  • Stuntman/woman
  • Supply Teacher