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My Earnings Protected

My Earnings Protected - Product Overview

My Earnings Protected is the latest income protection contract from Cirencester Friendly. Designed for the working people of the UK, My Earnings Protected offers affordable cover backed by our knowledge, experience and impressive claims history.

With no premium loadings for occupation, smoking and hazardous pursuits My Earnings Protected is the income protection contract that says ‘yes’ to more of your clients.

My Earnings Protected – Everything you’d expect from Cirencester Friendly…

...and everything you wouldn’t!

  • Affordable premium options
  • Flexible benefits and features
  • Wide range of deferred periods including Day One
  • Indexation, Refund of Premium, Terminal Illness and Recovery Benefits included
  • Own Occupation Cover throughout with level Benefit
  • Guaranteed Premiums – Level or Annual Escalating
  • Split Deferred Periods
  • 65% of earnings covered – up to £52,000 benefit per annum
  • Lifestyle friendly – no loadings for occupation or smoking
  • Personal service – no overseas call centres, deal direct with the people who can help

Plus Severe Injury Cover

For a small additional premium your client can add our Severe Injury Cover to any deferred contract.  This allows them to have a longer deferred period for illness but cover from Day One should they suffer an accident covered by this option.  Click the Severe Injury Cover Tab for more information.

All backed by our impressive published Claims History

As a mutual organisation we exist for the benefit of our Members. We publish our Claims Statistics annually and in detail so that you and your clients can judge our performance on the facts. 

View our latest Claim Statistics here.

Find out more about Cirencester Friendly here.

What is included in My Earnings Protected?

My Earnings Protected comes with a range of benefits that are automatically included within the premium.  The table below gives you a quick overview of what's included in the contract.


Type of contract

My Earnings Protected is an income protection contract that replaces lost earnings when your client is unable to work due to illness or injury.

Who can advise on the Product?

My Earnings Protected is available through Financial Advisers and enables Mortgage Advisers and General Insurance Brokers to offer income protection from Cirencester Friendly to their clients.

Incapacity definition

Own Occupation with level benefit throughout or until your client reaches the set Occupational Retirement Age for their job.  If they choose to continue with their contract past this age then the definition of incapacity will change to Suited Occupation Definiton for the remainder of their contract.

Occupational Retirement Ages

Some occupations have a set retirement age at which point cover under the Own Occupation Definition ends. A list of these can be found in our Occupational Retirement Ages Booklet.  If your client continues to work in their named occupation past this age and wishes to continue with their contract the definition of incapacity will change to Suited Occupation Definition for the remaining term.

Amount of earnings covered
  • Minimum of £6,400 per year
  • Maximum £80,000 per year
Amount of benefit available
  • Up to 65% of gross earnings
  • Minimum of £4,160 per year or £80 per week
  • Maximum of £52,000 per year or £1,000 per week 
Age range at entry

Any age between 18 and 54.

Retirement Ages

Set Occupational Retirement Age or age 70.  The contract must have a minimum of five years to run at inception.

Deferred Periods

Day One or 1, 4, 8, 13, 26 or 52 weeks deferred.

Split Deferred Periods

The contract offers split deferred periods or Day One cover with an additional deferred period.

Premium Type

Choose from:

  • Guaranteed Level Premiums
  • Guaranteed Annual Escalating Premiums
Waiver of Premium

Included as standard.


Included as standard with the option to deselect at application. Any changes in premium are calculated using CPI.

Terminal Illness Benefit

Included as standard. Terminal Illness Benefit of an amount equivalent to 6 months benefit will be paid as a lump sum. In addition regular benefit will continue in the usual way.

Back to Work Benefit

Back to work benefits can be applied for if your client returns to:

  • a job where their earnings are lower than the job they have told us about: or
  • their own job but in a limited capacity where their earnings are lower;


For full the full details of My Earnings Protected download the Product Guide and Schedule 6 - the rules of the contract.


Severe Injury Cover

Unique to My Earnings Protected, our Severe Injury Cover option allows your client to select a deferred period for illness but have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are protected from Day One should they suffer a severe injury.  This feature is particularly appreciated by those who are self employed who are often reluctant to take time off for illness but recognise an injury may mean that they have to. 

For a small additional premium your client can cover themselves from Day One against the following severe injuries:


Condition Details

Brain injury

Caused by physical trauma/injury.

Amputation/loss of a limb

Caused by physical trauma/injury.


Paraplegia or quadriplegia caused by physical trauma/injury.

Loss of sight

Caused by physical trauma/injury.

Deep lacerations

Where the condition requires hospital treatment involving muscle, tendon and/or internal organs.


Where the condition requires hospital treatment.  Dislocation of fingers and toes and are not covered.

Fractured bones

The following fractures are not covered

  • Fractures of fingers, toes and nose
  • Stress/hairline fractures
  • Pathological fractures


First degree burns are not covered

Important Information

  • Severe Injury Cover is only available if the contract has a deferred period.
  • There is a small additional premium for adding this option to a contract which will be shown on the personal quotation.
  • Claims under Severe Injury Cover will only be accepted for the conditions specified in the table above and only one Claim is permitted under Severe Injury Cover at a time. (For example it a client suffers a fracture and a deep laceration benefit will only be paid in respect of one condition) 
  • At the end of the chosen deferred period entitlement to benefit under this option will cease. If you are still unable to return to work payment of benefit will be considered in the usual way.
  • Severe Injury Cover will also cease when your client reaches their Occupational Retirement Age. We will remove the additional premiums they are paying for Severe Injury Cover.

Can my client apply for My Earnings Protected?

Your client can apply for My Earnings Protected if....

They are over 18 and have not yet had their 55th Birthday.
They live in the UK.
They are currently registered with a UK Doctor.
They have been registered with a UK Doctor for the last three years.
They are actively working and not employed on a zero hours contract.
They are employed or self-employed earning at least £6,400 per year and working 16 hours or more per week.
Their earnings are taxable in the UK.
They are not awaiting any medical tests or investigations or the result of these. 
They do not work outside of the UK for more than eight weeks in a calendar year.