Website accessibility

The Cirencester Friendly website is developed in line with industry accessibility standards. The design is developed to be viewable in any standards compliant browser whilst the content should be accessible to all users regardless of ability.

Access Keys

Access keys are keyboard shortcuts that provide links to important areas of the site. For this website we use: [ALT] [SHIFT] accesskey

  • Access key 1 - Home page
  • Access key 2 - About page
  • Access key 3 – Income protection page
  • Access key 4 – Financial Advisors page
  • Access key 5 - Contact page
  • Access key 0 – This Accessibility page

This website has the following standard access keys:

  • Navigation menus are marked up as HTML lists at the beginning of the page. This ensures that the navigation of the page is read out first by screen readers and alternatively can be skipped easily.
  • We have checked the site's font and background colour combination against the different colour blindness conditions.
  • Cascading style sheets (CSS) are used to set the colour and size of the text within each page. The formatting can be overridden:

I.E. by selecting Tools - Internet Options - Accessibility 
Firefox by selecting Edit - Preferences - Appearance – Fonts 
Chrome by selecting Settings – Advanced – Web content – Customise fonts
Alternatively select 'view' then 'text size' in your browser to adjust the size of the text

Alt tags

All images used on this site include appropriate alt attributes. "Alt" tags provide a text alternative to images used by text-based browsers and screen readers which cannot process images. Purely decorative graphics with no descriptive content have empty alt attributes.

Website navigation system

This website is designed to be viewed by many different people. The website navigation system allows for easy and intuitive navigation between the different sections of a site. The key features of the website navigation system are given below:

  • The user is always aware of which page he / she is viewing. Users can get confused about which page they are viewing so it is important that there are clues indicating the current page. We use low contrasting colours for viewing as this is proven to be less stressful for the eye, whilst keeping enough contrast so users with eyesight problems will not have issue navigating the site.
  • Users can see the full range of pages of each section they can visit located on the left hand side of the website.
  • A breadcrumb trail is provided so that the user is aware of where they are on the site and which page they are currently viewing.


If you have any questions regarding the accessibility of this site or if you experience any difficulty using our site please use contact us giving details of your issue.