Adviser Support Team

Meet your Adviser Support Team

We pride ourselves on our award-winning personal service to both our Members and financial professionals. We don’t have a ‘call centre’. We think you’ll prefer the more personal approach – and higher level of service – from our dedicated Adviser Support Team. They’ll pull out all the stops for you.

And here they are…

Intermediary Sales Team


Susie, Head of Sales

'I work closely with the Commercial Director in the planning, development and delivery of the Society’s sales strategy. Leading the Intermediary Sales Team to deliver excellent service and sales support to the Financial Advisers who place business with us.

My passion is about success and ensuring my people succeed by developing them to be the very best they can be in their job roles.'

My Likes...

'I love travelling to faraway places and learning about different cultures, and have previously spent a month in Thailand and a month in Sri Lanka and Malaysia travelling and holidaying to The Maldives and Barbados. I take a big interest in what is happening in the housing market, having undertaken a few property development projects of my own in the past. We are surrounded by good food suppliers and fab restaurants and pubs in the Cotswolds; I love to eat good food and I like to cook it! My husband and two young children tend to keep me busy at weekends, we enjoy utilising the beautiful area we live in and spend most weekends at the award winning Stroud Farmers Market and we go for lots of kite flying sessions followed usually by a locally made ice-cream on Minchinhampton Common.'

If I could meet someone famous, it would be...

'I would love to have met Sir Winston Churchill, my Grandfather was his Special Constabulary policeman in Westerham Kent. I have a collection of photos of them together.
If there was ever a leader who inspired me, it would be him, one of the greatest men ever.'

Paul, Key Account Manager

'Having been at the Society for over 14 years in a variety of sales roles both face to face and telephone based roles, I am delighted to be undertaking the new role of Key Account Manager.'

I am responsible for ensuring that our Key Accounts receive the ongoing level of support that they need and offering ongoing training where required.'

Having seen first-hand within my own family the importance of income protection, I am passionate about getting the message out there about how valuable this type of insurance can be. Between us let’s try and reverse the ratio of people insuring their pets rather than their own income!'

I am also on the lookout for other Key Account opportunities to add to our already well-established and growing list, so if you would like to discuss what we have to offer please do get in touch!'   

My Likes…

'As the years keep rolling on, my main focus outside of work revolves around keeping as fit and active as possible. I regularly go to the gym with my eldest son, who keeps me on my toes! My other interests include Martial Arts, which I’ve been doing for the past seven years.'

If I could meet somebody famous, it would be…

‘If I could meet somebody famous it would be David Beckham. He has been a great ambassador for kids and football over the years!’

 Vicki, Key Account Manager Support

‘My Job is contacting Financial Advisers, by telephone, to introduce and promote income protection through Cirencester Friendly and our contracts,the intention being to establish a strong relationship between the Society and the advisers. My background in customer service and extensive product knowledge mean that providing a link between the advisers and the Society is a role I enjoy.’

My Likes...

‘I like spending time with my family, eating out and holidays!’

If I could meet someone famous, it would be...

‘Barak Obama as he seems to be a caring, charismatic man.’

Jessica, Senior Account Manager

‘I have been with the Society for many years now. My background is Customer Service and my previous role was a Senior Customer Service Assistant.

My role as a Senior Account Manager involves assisting with product development and business change, acting as a product specialist, training new employees within the Society, along with acting as a first point of contact for new and existing advisers. I run webinars, provide external training, as well as attending events and exhibitions. I can provide knowledge and support regarding our fantastic income protection products, and can assist with any queries that you may have.'

My likes...

‘I enjoy keeping fit, shopping, good food and socialising with my friends and family’

Caroline, Account Manager

'I started my career working for Cirencester Friendly in the Customer Care Team. I then met and followed my now husband to beautiful Yorkshire and worked in the Events Industry, where I looked after corporate clients and worked closely with suppliers. I am excited to be back at Cirencester Friendly working as part of the Sales Team as an Account Manager, I am very passionate about building strong relationships and looking forward to this new challenge.' 

My Likes...

'I am a massive foodie and love eating out (although a terrible cook) and love trying new restaurants, travelling also ties in to this as I adore seeing new places and trying new cuisine, I have a list of places I want to visit. We live in a beautiful part of the world and enjoy a good walk round the Cotswolds.'

I also love the theatre, music and live comedy, a little bit of shopping and a piece of cake never goes a miss.'

If I could meet someone famous, it would be...

'I have a real thing about the fifties style and era so would have to say actress and singer Marilyn Monroe.' 

Debbie, Account Manager

'My role as an Account Manager in the Sales Team, involves me working closely with financial advisers, helping them with the many diverse enquiries that they may have.  I also offer product training by telephone and via webinar, to enable advisers to be confident and thorough when recommending our products to their clients.'

My likes…

'I love to socialise and make memories, by spending lots of time with family and friends.  I also love to travel; visiting new places and living new experiences.'

If I could meet someone famous, it would be…

'As a previous English Teacher and a huge lover of books, I would love to go back in time and spend a day with the Bronte family (I’m a huge fan).'


 Josh, Account Manager

‘I joined Cirencester Friendly in 2019, from a neighbouring Friendly Society, so I am well accustomed to working for a mutual! As an Account Manager, my main focus is assisting new and existing Financial Advisers with any questions they have on our income protection contracts. I help in a variety of forms; whether it be over the phone, email, webinars or where possible, in person.

When I’m not dealing with inbound enquiries, I’m contacting my portfolio of Advisers to keep them up-to-date on all things Cirencester Friendly, along with promoting the Society and it’s contracts to new Advisers.’

My Likes...

‘I just love being out and about, I’m not someone who can easily sit still at the weekend! I’m a big sports fanatic; whether it be football, rugby, tennis, American football… well you get the idea! I do like a film as well, and so I’m not against a trip to the cinema… sometimes paired with knocking over a few (more specifically 4) pins at the bowling alley. And when I’m not doing any of those, I’m likely eating food.’

If I could meet someone famous, it would be...

‘Dave Grohl, from the Foo Fighters… not just because I love his/their music, but he just seems to be one of best people around.’

Customer Care Team

Michelle, Head of Customer Care and Business Processing

‘I am directly responsible for leading and motivating both the Customer Care and Business Processing Teams who are the first port of call for our Members, potential Members and Advisers contacting the Society for processing of applications, general help and support.'

‘I am excited to be working at the Society focusing on developing and implementing a strategy to continuously improve and advance customer service further. I am passionate about developing people and ensuring we provide excellent customer service from application stage through to the full life of Membership with the Society and helping to develop it further to ensure it is the right level of communication with the ever changing needs and demands of our differing customers and the market.’

My likes...

‘‘I love spending time with my family (I have 2 young boys) and having fun travelling to new places whether overseas or in the UK and trying new activities. I also enjoy reading, running and watching films. I spend any free time I have attempting to learn the piano and volunteering at my children’s primary school. I can usually be found at school events serving food!"

If I could meet someone famous, it would be...

‘Queen Victoria! I am fascinated by the historic period and an evolving time with new discoveries and industrial changes whilst providing strong leadership and remaining dedicated to her family!’

Lisa, Customer Care Team Leader

‘My role as the Customer Care Team Leader is to support the Head of Customer Care and act as support to the other members of the team.

I also train all new members of staff in the team. Alongside this I also deal with producing quotations, literature requests, and updating Members’ and Advisers’ details. 

It is a motivating role as it enables me to do a variety of different things.’

My Likes…

‘I enjoy spending time with my son, friends and family.’

If I could meet someone famous, it would be…

‘Mary King – She is my inspiration with her 3 day eventing.'

Jo, Customer Care Administrator

‘I am part of the Customer Care Team in the Society. I deal with queries from Advisers and Members regarding our contracts and products, producing illustrations and updating Member’s and Advisers details on our system.’

My Likes…

‘I enjoy spending time with my husband and friends, going for hikes and getting lost in a good book or film.’

If I could meet someone famous, it would be…

‘Simon Pegg or Miranda Hart as I love their sense of humour.'

Julie, Customer Care Administrator

‘My role as a Customer Care Administrator is to support Financial Advisers and Members. I have been with the Society since April and I am enjoying the challenge as this is a completely new career change for me, certainly very different from being a Holiday Representative.'

My Likes…

‘Spending time with my family and shopping.'

If I could meet someone famous, it would be…

‘Ross Kemp – he’s amazing in the documentaries that he appears in.'

Jemma, Customer Care Administrator

'My role in the Customer Care team as an Administrator is to support our Members and Financial Advisers. Within my role I update Member’s and Financial Advisers details on our systems, produce illustrations for our products and put together literature requests.'

My Likes…

‘I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy going shopping and going on holiday to see new destinations. I also enjoy going to the cinema and watching new releases.'

If I could meet someone famous, it would be…

‘David Attenborough, I feel that he would have so many stories to tell and I love watching his TV Shows.'

Debra, Customer Care Administrator

‘My role is to provide support to our Members and Financial Advisers, assisting with requests and making changes on their behalf. I enjoy the role as it is more varied compared to my previous role in Customer Services.'

My Likes…

‘I enjoy spending time with my family, going for long walks with the dog and gardening.'