Friendly Voice Case Study 

Our free and confidential service provides tailored advice, practical and emotional support for you and your spouse when experiencing difficult times.

Read how the wonderful nurses at RedArc helped one of our Members, Julia.

Julia went to her GP with a mole on her face and was told it was nothing to worry about. After frustratingly going back and forth to her GP she eventually was seen by a specialist and was diagnosed with a malignant melanoma. Various treatment options were discussed and her agreed treatment plan was to remove the tumour followed by a course of radiotherapy.

This proved to be successful and Julia was monitored on a 6 monthly basis. Unfortunately, a few years later she was told her cancer had spread and she required further treatment.

Naturally this was a distressing time for Julia not only dealing with her own health, but she was also coping with her mother’s ill health whilst supporting her husband following the loss of his father. This felt overwhelming.

She was contacted by Pat her Personal Nurse Adviser at RedArc on behalf of Cirencester Friendly and they spoke at length about the events of the previous years, her feelings, anxiety and the trauma of her experience.

Her Personal Nurse Adviser was able to give her invaluable advice, information and emotional support. Julia welcomed the opportunity to speak to an experienced Registered Nurse with plenty of time to listen who understood what she was going through.

Throughout their conversations Julia was able to talk about how her situation was affecting her and mentioned that she was struggling to relax and sleep. They discussed ways of coping with this and her nurse provided her with useful self – help literature and a sleep CD for her to listen to at night. Pat recognised that Julia would benefit from some complementary therapy to promote relaxation, aid her sleep and arranged a course locally.

Julia’s Nurse Adviser also was able to spend the time to research what support Julia could access locally. She identified a local charity which supports people affected by cancer and Julia has accessed counselling to help her come to terms with her diagnosis, treatment and experience.

Julia continues to benefit from support calls and advice off her Personal Nurse Adviser and will do so for as long as needed. The RedArc support is available to Julia’s husband who continues to struggle with his wife’s diagnosis and ongoing treatment if at any stage he wishes to access the service.

Julia is very grateful of the service and additional support at what is a very difficult time in her life.

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