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Why Income Protection?

Our homes, travel, holidays, hobbies… everything depends on maintaining a steady flow of money. Let’s face it, life without that regular payment showing up in your bank account would be very difficult. Yet few people actually protect their income, leaving themselves and their families at risk of hardship if circumstances change. Income protection can give you and your loved ones something to fall back on.

Our income protection contracts insures part of your earnings against illness or injury. It's designed to help cover your essential outgoings if you become ill or have an injury that prevents you from earning a living. Wouldn't it be reassuring to have that peace of mind?

Find out more about our income protection contract on the products page


Our Promise to you

As a mutual organisation, you are central to all we do – that’s why we created an Excellent Customer Service Promise:

Our Service Commitment:

You can contact our Customer Care Team by email, post or telephone and we will promptly handle your enquiry – or give a completion date within 2 working days* wherever possible. Requests that cannot be completed within the 2-working-day promise will be subject to updates on progress every 10 working days.

Our Claims Commitment:

Committed to transparency, the Society will publish an annual breakdown of claims processed so that you can judge our performance on the facts.

Your opinion matters

Always striving to improve, we encourage feedback from both Members and Financial Advisers.

Your opinions are important to us, so please complete a short survey by clicking the relevant link below**.

Excellent Customer Service Survey - Members

Financial Adviser Satisfaction Feedback Survey

*Items received before 3pm will be actioned before close of business on the following working day. Items received after 3pm will be actioned before close of business on the second day following receipt.

**We use the third party Vertical Response to collate the results of these surveys. Please click here to see their Privacy Statements.