Cirencester Friendly are delighted to announce that their 125 Foundation has supported the charity, Knitted Knockers with a donation of £1,250.

This lovely charity consists of a group of volunteer knitters, 'Knockerettes' as they call themselves, who knit prosthetic breasts for women who have suffered from breast cancer and have had a lumpectomy or mastectomy. The money donated by the 125 Foundation will pay for 125 pairs of prosthetic breasts to be knitted for 125 ladies.

Ladies that have undergone surgery are provided with silicone breast prosthesis by the NHS, which some ladies have found to be heavy, uncomfortable and can rub against the scars left after surgery, causing rashes and pain. They want women to know that the alternative is a Knitted Knocker, which are ‘Made with love and filled with hope’ and provided free of charge for those ladies who need it.

The Knockerettes were over the moon to receive the £1,250 and as a big thank you, they have been busy knitting Bobble Hats and mini Knitted Knocker Keyrings for all the staff at Cirencester Friendly.

Lynne Hawksworth, Chair of Trustees for Knitted Knockers UK said: ”The magnificent amount of £1,250 will pay for 125 ladies to receive ‘a gift from one woman to another’. These 'gifts' consist of one or two Knitted Knockers and/or Aqua Knockers, sent in a pretty organza bag with extra stuffing and yarn to re-lace the knocker. The joy it gives us to tell ladies ordering that the Knockers are totally free is beyond words, and their responses often bring tears to our eyes. Each year we send out between 3000 to 4000 orders, so your very generous donation means so much to us.”

Kate McIntyre, Non-Executive Director at Cirencester Friendly said: “As a breast cancer sufferer myself, I am absolutely delighted that the Cirencester Friendly 125 Foundation has been able to support this wonderful and worthwhile charity. I know first-hand how frightening it is to go through breast cancer and how much the kindness from a charity like Knitted Knockers means at a very difficult time.”

David Macgregor, Commercial Director at Cirencester Friendly and member of the 125 Foundation Committee: “It is an absolute privilege for Cirencester Friendly’s 125 Foundation to support such a unique and thoughtful charity.  The quality of the bobble hats and keyrings is incredible, clearly the ‘Knockerettes’ are extremely talented knitters!  We would love to think that in some small way we can spread the word and raise awareness of their great work.”

Find out more about Knitted Knockers here.

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