11 October 2017:

Cirencester Friendly, the Income Protection specialists, have today re-launched their award winning product Income Assured Plus with key improvements.

Now known as Income Assured Enhanced, it still has features such as Day One Cover and no loadings for occupation, smoking and hazardous pursuits. The new and improved income protection contact will be available to new Members and existing Income Assured Plus Members, who will be offered the opportunity to switch onto the new terms. After extensive research among Financial Advisers and current Members, Income Assured Enhanced has been developed offering advisers the opportunity to tailor make income protection cover to suit the needs of their individual clients.

The key enhancements include, Own Occupation definition with Level Benefit throughout the period of claim, guaranteed premium rates, cover to age 70, Guaranteed Insurability options, premium discounts if mental illness or back exclusions are applied following underwriting, as well as improved Terminal Illness Benefit and Relapse Benefit.

Income Assured Enhanced will offer the opportunity to share in the profits of the Society and provide a potential return at retirement irrespective of an individual claim. Members will also have access to benefits such as Friendly Voice, the 125 Foundation and My Extra Benefits which includes Fracture & Hospitalisation Benefit.

David Macgregor, Commercial Director for Cirencester Friendly said: “I am delighted to announce Income Assured Enhanced” to the market.   With an ‘own’ occupation definition of incapacity provided as standard for all occupation classes, together with guaranteed rates and fewer standard policy exclusions, advisers can be certain of even greater clarity and associated peace of mind when recommending income protection with Cirencester Friendly.

Guaranteed Insurability Options are included as standard, providing advisers with an ideal opportunity to re-visit their clients following a ‘lifestyle’ event such as marriage, birth of children, promotion or moving home.  On application, the cover can be increased without further medical evidence to ensure it continues to meet the client’s needs and expectations.  An improved Terminal Illness benefit now provides for a lump sum of 6 times the monthly benefit – in addition to ongoing claim payments. 

The combination of competitive pricing, strong contract terms and conditions, high claims payment rates and valuable additional benefits including Friendly Voice, My Extra Benefits and the 125 Foundation, the overall result is a compelling package”.