30 November 2021 

Cirencester Friendly is pleased to announce they will officially be joining Income Protection Task Force (IPTF) in 2022.

Cirencester Friendly were introduced to IPTF in 2021 and able to forge a relationship on a trial basis via their membership of the Association of Financial Mutuals.

Since then, the decision to formally join in 2022 was cemented by their involvement in supporting IPTF with some really positive campaign work, especially during the highly successful Income Protection Awareness Week in September. This resulted in production of a series of videos created by Cirencester Friendly called “Let’s talk Cirencester Friendly” that were shared on both their website and elsewhere, to support with the wider education of IP to Advisers and consumers.

David Macgregor, Commercial Director at Cirencester Friendly commented: "We’ve not only seen some fantastic engagement across 2021 but have also received some excellent feedback from Advisers.‘ We would really like to keep that momentum going, so we’ve made the decision to formally join IPTF next year to remain fully invested in helping to embed the importance of the wider education of IP to Advisers and consumers. We are really looking forward to working collaboratively with the IPTF in 2022 and getting our staff even more involved in their important mission."

Jo Miller, Co-chair at IPTF said: “We are thrilled to welcome Cirencester Friendly to the IPTF and look forward to working with them in the year ahead on raising awareness in both the Adviser and consumer communities about the need to protect income. As part of our work, it is really important to us that our members represent the broad cross section of interests from the industry, so we are delighted Cirencester Friendly have confirmed their membership.”