09 June 2020

Cirencester Friendly are pleased to announce that they have been awarded, ‘We invest in people, Silver accreditation at the national standard with Investors in People’.

The Society has always highly valued its employees but at a time where demonstrating value to employees is more important than ever, the Society took the decision to have that investment in its staff formally recognised. The comprehensive assessment process included an initial planning meeting, team presentations, the deployment of an online assessment survey to all staff and confidential interviews with people from across the organisation.

The results of the assessment showed the commitment from both the Society and its employees and it was recognised that a skilled, capable, engaged, efficient and continually improving workforce is the foundation to the success of Cirencester Friendly.

Kate Jones, Head of HR at Cirencester Friendly said: “The Society is honoured to have achieved the Investors in People Silver accreditation. Investors in People and our assessor, Howard Jones talked us through the whole process, every step of the way. Howard has a fantastic ability to put people at ease, therefore creating an enjoyable assessment experience; even whilst staff are coping with the challenges of working from home. The results have given great insight into the positives and development opportunities of the Society’s Employee Proposition. We are looking forward to working with Investors in People on their recommendations for years to come to ensure that Cirencester Friendly is a place where people want to work and grow.”

Howard Jones, Assessor for Investors in People said: “We are delighted to have been able to award Cirencester Friendly with the Silver accreditation, a great achievement for an organisation that really cares about their people. Staff were engaged into the process from the very beginning and were receptive and transparent with sharing information. It was very clear to see that staff are keen and breathe the company values, resulting in a top quartile result. Cirencester Friendly were lovely to work with and I was impressed with the positive culture I experienced. I look forward to working with Kate and the team to help with their ambitions and develop an action plan.”