Cirencester Friendly removes Day one cover and 1 and 4 week deferred period cover.

From 2pm 31st March 2020, Cirencester Friendly will temporarily cease to offer Day One, 1 week and 4 week deferred periods on its Income Protection contracts, Income Assured Enhanced and My Earnings Protected.

In addition, they have also temporarily removed the option to select Day One Accident Protection, Day One Severe Injury Cover and the range of My Extra Benefits, which includes Fracture & Hospitalisation Benefits.

The decision was made with the Society’s Members in mind and was taken with regards to other Income Protection providers also reducing the availability of short deferred period business.  The decision will remain under regular review.

Applications received before the deadline will be able to proceed with the chosen deferred period and any additional options selected, subject to the usual underwriting requirements.

Paul Hudson, Chief Executive Officer, stated

“The Society is here for the long-term interest of its Members and so we have taken the decision to supplement our existing robust measures by temporarily suspending the sale of our Day One, one week and four week deferred contracts, along with the optional accident protection and severe injury cover. We have also temporarily withdrawn the optional My Extra Benefits range which includes Hospitalisation and Fracture Benefit.  This decision was not an easy one to take but was necessary to ensure we remain viable and in good health and to be there for our Members when they need us most, both now and for the future.”

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