Mental Health

According to the charity, Mind, one in four people in the UK will suffer some kind of mental health problem during their lifetime, ranging from anxiety and depression to OCD, phobias and eating disorders*.

This week is Mental Health Awareness week and with a global pandemic currently affecting everyday life as we once knew it. We, Cirencester Friendly want to share with you how we are supporting you, our Members and our staff through this hard time.

How we support our Members, your clients with Mental Health

For the last 10 years, Mental Health has been one of the top five reasons for claiming. We understand that the value of an income protection is more than just the financial side, it is also the emotional support that can offer to our Members.

We offer emotional support through our Friendly Voice service provided by RedArc. A Personal Nurse Adviser will be available to speak with our Members and provide information and support for as long as it is needed, including Mental Health Services with a dedicated Mental Health Department. They can also arrange additional services such as a second medical opinion, a course of counselling, therapies and home visits.

Our Member Rewards scheme is also offering tailored promotions, available to Members to access in their own homes including; digital fitness solutions, movie streaming, Virgin stay at home experiences and a Health and Wellbeing Hub.

How you can support your clients with mental health

It is important that Advisers make their clients aware of support services like Friendly Voice that are included within the products, so their clients can make an informed choice about all the benefits, not just the financial aspects. Existing clients are just as important, making them aware of what they have available to them and how they can use them to keep mentally well. These support services can potentially pick up problems at an early stage and get good quality help as soon as possible.

How we can support you with mental health

Why not follow us on LinkedIn and take part in our fun activities to help break your day up along with keeping up to date with updates from us.

We also have our dedicated Sales Team, who are available to chat through and provide further information on our income protection contracts, as well as our added value-added benefits like Friendly Voice. To help you, we also offer Webinars and virtual face-to-face calls along with providing you with Sales Aids.

And how we support our staff with mental health

With most of our employees working from home, we actively encouraging them to stay in contact with their colleagues socially as well as on a work level. Communication is encouraged via Teams, What’s App groups and our latest campaign, our waving video. Our key message was that although we are working from home, we are still here for our customers, which also applies to each other. Some staff even felt emotional seeing colleagues that they haven’t seen for several weeks.

Weekly quizzes are taking place and we are encouraging staff to take regular breaks with fun activities such as Charades and word searches.

Our HR Team have also planned a full week of activities for ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’. Some will be shared on our Social Media channels, so watch out and we encourage you to join in.


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